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Producers of Live Stream Virtual Meetings & Events

Frequent, Scalable Conversations

The days of planning a massive and costly annual customer events at the

beach or in Las Vegas are behind us for the foreseeable future.

Organizations are quickly embracing the reality that a consistent virtual

touch-point with their target demographic is a fantastic way to maintain their existing relationships, and expand their customer-base all at the same time.

We call this, the value of having "Frequent, Scalable Conversations"

Planning and Development

Learning who our customers are, and understanding their vision and the story they wish to share with their market is an essential part of our engagement.

It's not as simple as replicating the traditional to the online version. Every event conversion is a creation that has to include elements that maximize the attendee's engagement time.

Our experience developing and delivering virtual events, brings tremendous value to our customers.

What We Do

Event Production

Many organizations are using Zoom internally for meetings, and assume that Zoom is also the tool to reach their customers.

Although, Zoom does include several mechanics that aid in the deliverable, the final delivery just isn't impressive enough. It needs the polish required to truly impress your audience.

We add the polish to what could be a rather dull online meeting experience, and instead deliver a fully branded, television like broadcast to your message.

The Results

With a professional television like result, your audience will be completely impressed, and will think you spent a fortune to develop it. When, in the end it will be a fraction of the cost of traditional annual events that used to take all year to plan.

Your customers will be impressed, you'll spend less, which means you can easily afford to reach them more often.

It's a win, win!

Jeff Widgren, Director
Jeff Widgren
Virtual Trade Show Producer

Meet the Team

Geoffrey Hill
Virtual Conference Master
Rich Tamayo
Virtual Medical Conference Guru
Greg Gibson
Government Virtual Productions
Scott Fowler
Audio Video Technical Master
Joyce Widgren
Project Management Guru

Our Clients

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7111 W 151st St, Suite 229

Overland Park, KS 66223

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